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Review - Nando's XX Hot PERi-PERi Sauce

Hello folks, welcome to my Blog. My name is Martin, I am 33-years old male from the Eastern Europe (Czech Republic) and I am a huge fan of spicy food. On this blog, I would like to present my opinions on some spicy products, share my blistering-hot recipes etc.

Today, we will take a look on the new sauce which I have received from a friend which was on a business trip to South Africa. The XX Hot PERi-PERi Sauce is the hottest sauce made by Nando's. A worthy gift indeed!

Ingredients: Water, Vinegar, Salt, Lemon, Spices (incl. Peri Peri chilli), Onion, Sunflower Oil, Dehydrated Green Pepper, Garlic, Stabilisers, Thickener, Antioxidant

Appearance: as you can see above, the sauce is packed in a tall, neat shaped bottle. The volume is 250 ml which is OK for this type of sauce. The design is made of black, red, and white and the result is very good.

Texture and color: the texture of this sauce is mushi and not very thin. You can see the pieces of onion and peri peri chillies in there, as well as the whole pepper seeds. The color is seductively red.

Smell: the smell is salty and lemon fresh. It seems I could love this sauce.

Taste: the taste is a well-balanced mix of a sourness, salinity and heat. The first impression is the sourness, quickly followed by a salty and the chilli taste. Unfortunately, the chilli seeds make the result crude a bit. Such a crudeness is typical for sauces containing the whole chilli seeds (e.g. the Pure Death Sauce). Personally, I prefer the sauces without the seeds. Anyway, the taste of this product is not negatively affected by this too much and it is still OK.

Heat: the heat of this sauce is well above an entry level but cannot match a habanero-based sauces like the Krakatoa. Leaves a long-lasting heat on your tongue. Perfect option for advanced beginners as well as for experinced users which would like to have some alternatives to their Pure Deaths etc.

Meal: until now, I have tried this sauce on hamburgers, vegetable salads, and sandwiches. In general, I was completely satisfied. Can't wait to try it on pasta... more info to follow!

Price and Value for Money: for £3,15 only, this product is a bargain

Overall: personally, I prefer spicier sauces but still, this XX Hot PERi-PERi Sauce is a well-balanced product. No extra props (except for a design of the bottle and label), no extra slops (except for it contains the seeds), I like it. What about you?

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  1. I am looking forward to tasting it too. Though I prefer spicier stuff, I have to think about my little boys who like to try to taste every sauce that daddy does:-)

    Thanks for the review anyway. Hope for more to come!



  2. Wow, nice project! Hope more reviews will follow soon. Btw, this sauce is really money-value ratio gem. Cheers, Ondra